Astrology Courses for All Levels

Learn astrology from step 1, or deepen the endeavor with advanced courses. Here you will also find a community of astrology lovers with webinars, seminars and ongoing research and sharing !


"The style is clear and Karni’s love of the subject comes through.
I also found it so refreshing that she asks us to look at the sky, to get to know where the sun, moon and planets rise and set as we see them from our part of planet Earth.
Thank you for an inspiring and straightforward introduction to an enormous subject.”
Hermione, October 2015

"I have now been learning astrology with Karni Zor for about 6 months, and I have loved every moment of it.
The lessons are truly inspirational and complex subjects are explained in a clear way.
It is truly a journey of new discovery all the time, very exciting and very practical too."
Eir, November 2015